Version 0.7.8 :

Fix a bug in the update script
Fix an error while modifying a message
Fix languages encoding files
Fix a language bug in flags.php
Fix Suriname flag
Fix a bug in the update page

Version 0.7.7 :

Fix an XSS vulnerabilitie
Fix a minor database bug

Version 0.7.6 :

Fix several possible XSS vulnerabilities

Version 0.7.5 :

Add backup/restore log
Add advanced statistics (browser and os)
Add cached config file option for guestbook front-end
Add option to make email field required or not
Add rel="nofollow" tag for url in comments
Add full check installation data before creating tables
Add check GD on installation and automaticly choose image or text for image verification
Add a javascript effect on search fields
Replace censored words function now ignores case distinction
Upgrade prototype.js to version 1.5 and compress it
Upgrade lightbox to version 2.03.3
Fix image verification jpg image not showing on some servers
Fix smilies not showing in preview comments
Fix an installation bug

Version 0.7.1 :

Add preview button
Add [BR] bbcode tag for carriage return

Version 0.7 :

ANG is now based on tpl themes and shipped with 2 themes
New administrator center theme
Rewrite most of the admin center code, making it smaller and faster
Admins can now delete/publish/etc... several posts in one click
Admins can modify the name, country, flag, rating and email of a post, along with the message itself. All this from the administrator center
Smilies page does not close anymore after clicking on a smilie
Add browser and os informations in the view pages
Add some javascript effects to the sign page
Add extension verification to the upload center
Name and message fields have now random names, reducing more spam
Rewrite the search page code
Remove preview from the sign page
Improve installation script
Fix a bug when making a new password in forget_pass.php
Fix several include bugs in several files
Fix a bug in the search page
Fix several bugs in the administrator center and the front-end guestbook

Version 0.6 :

Add restore deleted posts option
Add a phrase to notice if the trash is empty and if there is no posts in the guestbook
Add a function to check if GD is installed or not
Add auto-censor messages
Add country name and flag on the top of the result page when clicking on a country flag
Add a faster code for the statistics page
Add guestbook resolution
Input field names (for name and message) are now randomized for a better protection from spam robots
Unpublished posts are now shown in different color in the manage page
Now only the super administrator can access the trash
Use a salt before generating the md5 hash of passwords which will ensure a better security
Country flag is now displayed before the country name in the statistics page
Several nearly identical files are now regrouped into one shared folder, which will reduce the size of the guestbook
Search engine code has been rewritten for better performance
Fix a bug in the sign page
Fix some translations bugs
Fix a bug when modifying a post
Fix page links error in RTL languages
Fix design page when using RTL direction

Version 0.5 :

Add backup/restore tool
Add publish/unpublish posts option
Add MYSQL_ASSOC parameter to all mysql_fetch_array queries
Add moderate posts option
Add lightbox script for images
Add a smilies popup page
Add a link to the forget password page
Scripts are now in seperate files
Fix an IE error in the BBcode editor
Fix an error in the administrator center when using special characters in foreign languages
Fix an error in the optimize page
Fix an error in the page_links pages
Improve sign page data validation
Many bugfixes in the administrator center

Version 0.4.5 :

Add limit number of characters in messages and fields
Add automatic resize images
Add ZIP upload function
Add gzip compression (ob_gzhandler function), this should let the php code run 5-15% faster
Add javascript effects in the admin center (plus and minus buttons)
Email, country, location and site rating are not required anymore, however if an email is written, it should be valid
Fix duplicate admin name bug
Fix a minor bug in the installation
Add a new background image for the image verification script
Add an error handling system
A lot of design and bug fixes

Version 0.4.1 :

Add delete file option
Fix 2 bugs in the installation
Fix several bugs so that ANG works correctly on mysql 5 running in strict mode

Version 0.4 :

New BBcodes javascript functions (works on IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, ...)
Add flood protection
Add standard SQL-injection protection
Better design for sign page
Add a new style : new_blue.css

Version 0.3.5 :

Fix a bug in the installation
Add advanced javascript code for BBCodes and smilies

Version 0.3.4 :

Add image verification management (admins can choose to turn on/off image verification)
Add a new text verification that doesn't use GD lib (admins can choose between image _ uses GD lib _ or text _ without GD _ verification method)
Update slightly the styles

Version 0.3.3 :

Add smilies management
Add censored words management
Add new features in the upload center
Add site rating
Update the page links
Change archive posts page name to trash
Add empty trash button in the trash page

Version 0.3.2 :

Fix update.php
Fix a security bug in sign1.php
Add top icon
Add new icons for page links
Add send message emails
Fix check_email_mx function

Version 0.3.1 :

A Guestbook (AG) become AN Guestbook (ANG)
Change numbering system : this version is 0.3.1 instead of 3.1
Add statistics page
Fix a design bug in the archive posts page
Fix a bug in page links
Add message length verification
Add input characters limit
Add CSS 2 color effects in the sign page
Admin can see messages emails directly from the manage page
Fix an error in delete posts with administrator reply
Fix an error when changing email using the registry
Make a new front-end style : bal
Some various small fixes

Version 3.0 :

Rewrite most of html and php code
Comment most html/php code
Easier guestbook integration
2 new styles (yellow and beos)
New page links functions
New email verification function (syntax and dns check)
Add database optimization
Quick search and modify posts
Use gif images instead of png (due to an IE 6 bug in transparency in png images)
Add javascript field checks
Add load time check on each page
Add some cool html/css effects
Lots of bugs/error corrections

Version 2.2a :

Fix simple and double quotes bug
Fix 3 other bugs in 2 files

Version 2.2 :

Remove view.php, and you can view posts per id from index.php
AG is translated into dutch and spanish
4 new front-end styles and 1 new administrator center style
Fix bug when signing a message that uses quotes
Fix a bug in the installation
Search per country by clicking on the country flag
Add flags for all countries
Bug/error fixes

Version 2.1 :

Add meta-tags : description and keywords
Change meta-tags from administrator center
Add view.php page to view posts per id
Visitors' emails are now encoded before being stored in the database
Minor modifications to CSS styles
Bug/error fixes

Version 2.0 :

Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2
New administrator center icons and theme
New icons (for sign.php page) and smilies
About and check update pages
Add robots.txt file
A lot of bug/error fixes

Version 1.5 :

Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional and CSS 2
Rewrite css styles to be more compliant with css 2
New guestbook and administrator center design
Correct some errors and bugs from version 1.1 and 1.2
New 4 styles : black, blue, white and red
New easy installation script

Version 1.2 :

Add image verification code when signing the guestbook
Add 17 new smilies
Make it more HTML 4 and CSS 2 valid
Remove some javascript and some HTML "tables" and use CSS 2 instead
Rewrite all css style files
Add a new script for upgrading from 1.1
Bugs/errors corrections

Version 1.1 :

New search icon
Use of htmlspeacialchars, and so all characters can be used to sign guestbook
Correct BBcode
Some corrections in language and style files
A retouche to the design of sign.php
New upload center in the administrator center
New login menu
Crypted administrators username and database informations
New installation/upgrade script
Return to last page instead to index in administrator center
A retouche to the design of the administrator center
Only super administrator can access and change email, and add/remove administrators
Some cool javascript effects
Lots of errors/bugs correction

Version 1.0 :

AG (A Guestbook) is now under the zlib/libpng licence, and is hosted on
Totaly rewriting AG
Help system during the installation
Cleaner code
3 different language files : installation, front-end, administrator center
Also 3 different styles
Date format can be changed
Online/Offline guestbook
Auto-archive of every deleted or modified post
Super admin created
Need for super admin password to add/remove/change password of another admin
Better authentification script
Reset forgotten password
Install directory must be deleted to use AG (better security)
Admins can reply on posts
Lots of errors/bugs correction

Version 0.9 (alpha) :

New licence, The AG Licence (version 1.0)
Fonts are smaller by 2px
Fixed a bug in the installation
Added 6 new smilies and fixed the text decoration icons
A totally new design, with a a drop-by search menu
There is no final 0.9 version

Version 0.8 :

Build-in search engine :
Search posts, title, country, first and last name
Search methods : "exact phrase" or "at least one word"
Admins can search IPs and UserAgents

Version 0.7 :

New blue style
Navigation menu in the admin center
New icons in the admin center
Smaller font size (25px to 18 px)

Version 0.6 :

Footnotes fixed
Ban/Unban IP
Build-in statistics :
UserAgent, IP, Email, Browser, OS, Color depth, screen resolution, javascript, ...

Version 0.5 :

Add BBcode
Posts can be in several pages or all in one page
New admin center with stats
More smilies and text decoration
Email notification
Upgrade function from version 0.3
Cleaning up the html/css/php code

Version 0.3 :

Correction of the installation on a Unix server
New black style
Bug/error corrections

Version 0.2 :

You can now :
Modify/delete posts
Change/Upload language, style and titles
Add another admin
Change password
Delete all posts
Email and IP are saved for the signatures
Graphic installation created
Admin center created
Bug/error corrections

Version 0.1 :

Translated AG into arabic and french (in addition to english)
AG is now multi-language
Added some Smilies
Guestbook creation