Anti-spam measures

Angora Guestbook uses several techniques to fight spam :

  • CAPTCHA and support for reCaptcha, to prevent robots to sign the guestbook
  • Anti-flood, to prevent humans or robots to flood the guestbook with lots of void messages
  • Random fields name : this will generate a unique form on each sign page opening, thus limiting robots from flooding
  • Post moderations, so you can valide a post before being shown
  • Auto-censor messages : posts containing any censored word will be automaticly unpublished
  • Ban IPs : you can ban individual IPs or a range of IP, to prevent spammers from flooding the guestbook
As always, all these features can be configured or turned on/off in the admin center.

Themes and styles

Angora Guestbook uses a template system for theming. It uses the light, yet powerful, XTemplate system.
You can modify how the posts are shown, the position of fields, etc... without modifying the core PHP files.

Easy to use

Your visitors won't need to learn BBCode. The WYSIWYG text editor lets your visitors format their entries easily.

Secure admin login

Using javascript, you password will never be send in plain through the network to the server.
Angora Guestbook automaticly encrypt your password before sending it to the server. The guestbook then checks the received encryped password and authentify you.

Mobile version

Be ready for the mobile revolution!
Angora Guestbook detects automaticly if you are viewing from a mobile device, and uses a mobile optimized theme.

Powerful admin center

You have complete control with your guestbook!
The admin center allows you to :

  • Modify/delete messages
  • Publish/unpublish messages
  • Ban/unban IPs
  • Reply on messages
  • Add custom smilies
  • Manage censored words
  • Advanced search engine : search the posts using their IPs, user agent, or country code
  • Add/remove additionnal admins
  • Configure anti-spam measures
  • Change language, theme, titles, and lots of other more options
  • Bakcup/restore the database
  • Optimize the database
  • Upload new smilies, languages or themes using the build-in upload center


Angora Guestbook is available in the following languages :

uk English
lb Arabic
fr French
es Spanish (Translation made by Ricardo Uceda)
tr Turkish (Translation made by Nejdet Acar)
de German (Translation made by Tim Eufinger)
fi Finnish (Translation made by Matti Koskinen)
jp Japanese (Translation made by Izumi Sakai)
ru Russian (Translation made by Mihail Savochkin, and by Epos Software Foundation since version 1.5)
tw Traditional Chinese (Translation made by rexx)


Angora Guestbook has some more features :

  • Multi-language
  • Build-in search engine and statistics
  • Crypted admin username and passowrds
  • Automatic image resize
  • Gzip compression for a faster load time
  • Auto-archive of deleted posts
  • and many more...