Version 1.6.1:

Fix file disclosure on backup directory
Fix mobile statistics
Add Windows Phone and Symbian to statistics
Fix local file inclusion in index.php

Version 1.6: (codename Theia)

Fix email notification error
Remove dependency for reCaptcha from built-in captcha option
Fix ob_gzhandler warning message (thanks to fox333)
Weaken the requirement for mysql version (will check but won't stop the installation if failed. This is a workaround where mysql version is not given as a number)
Fix a regression introduced in version 1.5 where update script from version 0.7.x fails
Replace eregi with preg_match in error class
Update TinyMCE to version 3.4.2
Remove yamli plugin from default tinymce editor (but still manually available with adding rbyamli to tinymce init javascript code)
Add iPad, iPhone and iPod as iOS, and add Blackberry and Android in OS statistics
Disable E_NOTICE and E_DEPRECATED messages

Version 1.5: (codename Koyash)

Add timezones
Add support for reCaptcha
Add possibility for visitors to upload images with tinypic service
Add Yamli plugin for tinymce
Add php compressor for tinymce
Add check for zlib compression
Fix eregi deprecated function, replace with preg_match
Fix LFI vulnerability in index.php, medium criticality
Fix session cookies so that admins will still be logged in even if they also sign the guestbook
Fix a minor XHTML validation error (double quotes for stats link in footnotes)
Change Opera icon to the latest one
Convert os and browser icons to png
Update timymce to version 3.3.7
Update mobile class to check correctly for opera mobile
Add Palm webOS to stats and mobile class

Version 1.2.1:

Fix emotions error

Version 1.2: (codename Angerona)

Fix can't add a new admin
Convert german language files to UTF8
Fix some typo erros in french language (thanks to dbitouze)
Add variables dump to debug
Fix link to german language in the setup
Update TinyMCE to version 3.2.7
Add a new theme : Old Book
Add last month and all time stats
Add a new captcha which use the bitsream vera font
Fix remote url include in start page (use cURL if allow_url_fopen is disabled, or do not check the update)

Version 1.1: (codename Sobek)

Add mysqli support
Add enhanced statistics (with % and graphs)
Add russian and traditional chinese translations
Add windows 7 to statistics
Add "are you sure?" when deleting a smiley file
Fix languages don't appear correctly in installation
Fix error IP saving for posts
Fix Taiwan name and flag
Update Finnish language
Check if exec is enabled before using it and securize its use
Update tinymce to version 3.2.6
Show how much characters the user has entered and the allowed number if the message is too big
Show how much characters left in message using javascript
Remove excessive use of $_SESSION in admin pages
Improve random fields name in sign page
Fix censored page permission error
Add url variables to allow different languages and themes
Use session to save language and theme when url variables are used

Version 1.0: (codename Wotan)

Change name from AN Guestbook to Angora Guestbook
Rewrite entirely the guestbook from the old AN Guestbook

You can also check the comparaison page for a complete review of functionalities between Angora 1.0 and ANG 0.7.x

ANG Changelog

Full archive of the old AN Guestbook changelog