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Extension verification

Since version 0.7, ANG has extension verification for its upload center. In short you can only upload files of certain extensions.
Here are the default values :

Type Allowed extension
Languages .php
Themes .zip
Smilies .jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .zip

These values cannot be changed from the administrator center. However you can change them manually by editing the upload.php file (line 122-141).
You can still upload any kind of file using you FTP client. This extension verification applies only for the build-in upload center in ANG.

Changing styles after upgrading from version 0.6 and older

ANG 0.7 is based on TPL themes instead of only css files.
So, the upgrade script will automaticly choose the retro theme as a default theme for your guestbook.
The retro theme has the same design as the old versions' design.
However changing styles within the theme must be done manually by modifying the header.tpl file.
Go to /themes/retro/header.tpl and on line 8, modify bal.css with the name of the desired style.
Modifying header.tpl
(click on picture to enlarge)
Per example, if you were using the orange.css style, just write it instead of bal.css. This also applies if you were using custom styles.
Save the file, then upload it and you're done !


ANG 0.7 installation tutorial for version 0.7 (9.36 mb video flash), (same video on youtube, text/image version, image version)
Manage Smilies in AN Guestbook for versions 0.3.3 to 0.6 (6.14 mb video flash), (same video on youtube)

Tips and tricks

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